Original Mosaic Art Made of Magazine Cutouts
Jim Hill of Tru-Dat Publishing is an artist who specializes in mosaic art. He pieces together magazine cutouts of red, yellow, and green colors to create images. The result is an artwork that has the beauty and quality of an oil painting.

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Painting With Paper
Jim is a self taught artist with no formal education in painting. Raise in a poor family of 10 in the inner city of Brooklyn, New York. The criminalization of black life made oil paint much too expensive for Jim’s pockets after graduating from high school. With no budget for paint Jim ventures into the white communities to pick up packs of recycled magazines from their garbage graves. He uses the colors from these magazines to create his own paint. Today art buyers have to study these pictures up close to distinguish them from oil paintings. His art form is so unique that you will have to go to the Tombs of Eygpt to see similar art by the ancient Africans of Eygpt.

The major objective of Jims art is to give Africans, African-Americans and African Caribbeans a sense of pride. Jim’s pictures depicts the high culture of Africa and the accomplishments that Africans in spite of slavery and oppression have gained. His prayer is that his art might change the mentality of some of the youth from an inferiority complex to the realization and consciousness of their equality with all the other great peoples of the world who have built great civilizations.

Jim’s original pieces are priced from $10,000 to $50,000, while copies cost from $50 to $300. His pieces come with a matte or unmatted finish, and are available in color and black and white.

Art Book
Be the first to discover the beauty of Jim’s mosaics when you grab a copy of his art book. The collection is an exclusive look at his mosaic pictures of African-American women during the times of slavery. While the portraits will not be available in local galleries, Jim seeks to take these to galleries in Europe, where he believes his art will be more widely accepted.