Compelling African-American Art in the Form of Paper Mosaics

Mosaic Art

Discover the history of African-American people through Jim Hill’s mosaic art. At Tru-Dat Publishing, you’ll find painting done with paper that help further Jim Hill’s message of racial equality.


Help Jim Hill promote his cause in different parts of the world. Contact him today to learn how his artwork educates the contributions, trials, and tribulations of African people, both here and abroad.

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Jim Hill of Tru-Dat Publishing creates African-American art using paper mosaics. He considers by painting with paper gives him a uniqueness from other artists. Through his portraits, Jim aims to let the public know the great contributions Africans have made in spite of slavery. At present, he is working on a history book of Africans here and abroad. The goal of his upcoming book, Historical Blues, is to aid in a system of reeducating in order to stimulate and encourage a positive attitude of races towards each other. Apart from being an artist, Jim is also an educator, a humanitarian and philanthropist.

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The Homeless | UPN 9 News | Queen Latifah

Won 1st Place in the Weeksville Art Contest in 1970
Received UN™ Poster Award for Apartheid South Africa in the 1970s